I like to think of myself as a unique kind of guitar maker... While many luthiers build between 15-20 guitars per year, I only buildĀ 10-12 per year. This gives me the ability give each guitar my thought and focus on it's own unique characteristics. As each peice of wood has it's own personality, it requires a thoughtful approach to bring out it's own optimum voice. Even among wood of the same species there are so many variables of growing conditions, grain orientation, stiffness, taptone, etc.. that each individual peice of wood is different. Most luthiers adhere to a "standard" in their designs when it comes to wood thicknesses, bracing patterns, etc.. I take a different approach, by taking the characteristics of each peice of tonewood into consideration, I thickness and brace each guitar accordingly. This means that no two guitars are made the same, each one is one of a kind. Also, as of now I only build two models of guitars, my "Auditorium", and "Symphony". The reason for this is that I feel it is better to "stick to what you know best". I have built many other models in the past, but these are my favorites. Other than being a guitar maker, I also am a premier supplier of tonewoods. My company stocks over 30 different species from all over the world. This gives me access to the best of the best tonewoods available. Out of thousands of sets, I pick out the most beautiful, special sets for my guitars. If you want a guitar of unsurpassed beauty, craftsmanship, sound, and playability, look no further.
"Made from the most beautiful tonewoods on Earth"